WKA Ireland Eliminations


The Irish eliminations for the WKA World Championships 2016 was held in Waterford Crystal Leisure last weekend. If you qualify in eliminations you can go on and represent your country in the WKA World Championships if you wish.



Irish Team 2013

In 2013 Shannon Kickboxing Club had 13 members qualify and 7 members going to The WKA World Championship in Marina di Carrara, Italy. All 5 members brought home medals including 5 silver and 2 bronze.



Liam Alford


Last year the clubs 15 year old prodigy Liam Alford went to Benidorm, Spain to represent his country and club. Liam returned with 2 gold medals. These are country’s only and club’s first gold medals.




Liams 2 Gold Medals

This year 9 member’s young and old from Shannon kickboxing club made the long journey down to Waterford to compete in the eliminations. It was difficult but 5 qualified. These include Ruby Lynch, Edward Keys, Nathan Long, Megan O’Connor and also Liam Alford who will be defending his title. Hopefully the others will also go to the championships and do there club and country proud.


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