Health Care System in Ireland

After my resent experience in one of Irelands major A+E rooms, I feel there are things that need to be changed

I went in Monday morning with a friend who had fallen and hit her head.

We had to que for over 10 minutes to get registered as there was only one receptionist on duty. If someone was really sick they wouldn’t be able to stand around for that long.

We had to wait 4 hours before seeing the nurse and then another 4 hours before seeing the doctor.

The waiting room was packed. There was a little girl no more than 2 getting sick. She wasn’t called for 4 hours and got really tired and board. There is a children’s play room which is an amazing facility but it was locked and nurses wouldn’t open it.

When we finally did get called to see the doctor we went into the A+E department, there were many people on trolleys and in wheelchairs all over the place.

When I was leaving it said on the board that there was a 15 hour wait to see a doctor. Compared to hospitals in America which is 72 hours maximum to see a doctor. Things obviously need to change in Irelands Health Care systemf2ca6f33bc02c88ba4d6120e63d34b38.jpg--the_emergency_department_at_university_hospital_limerick


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