Fight Like A Girl



The saying ‘Fight like a girl’ tends to be a sexist term to make fun of a person. It initiates that you are weak and can’t fight.

I have been fighting for nearly 3 years now and I feel I’m pretty good. I’m my gym there is that mentality that girls aren’t as strong as boys and can’t take a punch. Our coach won’t put a girl with a guy the same size, but will put us with a male much smaller.

Katie Taylor is a boxer and one of my heroines. Katy has a gold Olympic medal along with countless world medals. Compared to Michael Conlan (Katie’s TEAM IREALND team mate) she is way more decorated then him. Michael took to twitter to show off his medals saying ‘Medals anyone’. Katie then posed a picture with her medals with the caption ‘no thanks Mick, I have my own little haul here!’

Ronda Rousey is my other heroin. Ronda is a UFC fighter along with having a bronze Olympic medal in Judo. She held a UFC record of fastest knock out up until last December. She knocked out Cat Zingano in 14 seconds. She has a record of 12 wins 1 loss in her UFC career. Compared to Dominick Curz who is Ronda’s weight, she has was more wins and is more decorated.Rousey-with-Belt


If this is what fights like a girl actually means I’d be extremely proud if someone said it to me.


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